Why Choose Us?

IT Concierge Help is a world-class concierge online service providing high quality technical assistance across Canada and North America. Our objective is to deliver easy access to step by step IT support, to individuals ranging from a very minimal level of technical knowledge , to a general overview of setups & diagnostics. In a digital era , IT Concierge Help recognizes the need for individual assessments of our clients , in order to ensure they get the highest possible return from each IT consultation.

Service throughout Canada and North America

Online computer and digital IT help throughout Canada and North America

For any ages

It is available for all age groups

Data confidentiality

We ensure data confidentiality


  • 1 647 479 5791
  • support@itconcierge.ca
  • 385 Connie Crescent Concord, ON L4K 5R2


  • 6 days
    Monday to Friday: 9AM to 6PM
    Saturday: 10AM to 5PM
    Sunday: Closed